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Would you like to lose these extra few kilos before your wedding?

Hypnosis for weight management is effective and long lasting as opposed to the short term effects of dieting. Research has shown that diets don't work and that going on a diet means programming the mind to constantly think about food!

By visualising in hypnosis and thinking about what type of body you want and what kind of person you would like to be we can tap into your subconscious mind to access powerful resources to help you to achieve your goal.

I use the very successful Virtual Gastric Band technique which uses the metaphor of a gastric band so that the subconscious mind believes that a band has been placed around the top part of your stomach. You will feel fuller quicker and be satisfied on much smaller amounts of food. You will learn to tune into your body again and listen to its signals, in other words you will learn about mindful eating. I will give you a few simple and easy rules to follow to help and support you. 

The VGB is a holistic approach changing unhealthy eating patterns into mindful ones tailored to your individual needs.

See what the media is saying about Gastric Band Hypnosis:

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Do you feel stressed or nervous about your wedding?

My 4-week Feel Fabulous Program is not only about managing weight. I know from own experience that the time before the wedding can be stressful and causing anxiety. It can feel extremely overwhelming to plan for the big day, look after everybody's needs and demands and not lose touch with what you really want for your wedding. 

In my sessions I also focus on re-connecting with your inner voice to really find out how to plan for that wedding of your dreams - without all the negative stress.

Your wellbeing and happiness are my main priority - it is important to work together to find out what you really want from the sessions. That's why I offer a FREE 30-minute assessment so you can see what you need and want from our sessions.

The "Feel Fabulous"-Wedding Program" consists of:

  • 4 weekly 60 min hypnotherapy sessions
  • Finding and creating your personal calm space
  • Losing weight safely and naturally
  • Connecting with your values and creating the wedding that you really want
  • Teaching mindfulness strategies to deal with anxiety and/or stress
  • 2 x support recordings to reinforce the learnings from the sessions


COST - $650

4 x weekly 60min sessions
2 x support recordings
Phone and e-mail support     Workbook to record your progress for weight loss

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