Intuitive Eating practices can help you make peace with food and your body! Reprogram your mind to trust your body’s natural instincts again.


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Have you been struggling with food and trying to change your weight for a long time? Are you tired of fighting against your body?

Let’s have a look at the facts – diets don’t work in the long run for a multitude of reasons and 95% of people who have dieted will have regained the lost weight or even more after some time.

So if you feel like you would like to have a peaceful, more intuitive and respectful relationship with food and your body so you can live a happy and full life right now without this exhausting struggle it might be time to change your thinking and behaviours around food, eating and weight.

Over the last few years in my practice I have seen many clients with very disordered eating patterns – some of these clients presented in smaller bodies, others in larger ones but what they had in common was that they didn’t trust their bodies, didn’t like them particularly and as a result of that did not treat them well.  

It’s time to stop the vicious cycle!

In my sessions I gently help my clients to love, accept and honour their bodies. Rejecting diet culture – the great Life Thief as Christy Harrison (The Food Psych) calls it – is part of this process.

I follow the principles of intuitive eating which has proven long term health and wellbeing outcomes. The focus lies on health (physical, emotional and mental health) and not on weight.

What results can I expect to see:

·       Greater self-compassion

·       Better body image

·       Higher satisfaction with life

·       Optimism and well-being

·       Proactive coping skills

·       Higher HDL cholesterol levels

·       Lower Triglyceride levels

·       Lower rates of emotional eating

·       Lower rates of disordered eating

Read more about intuitive eating research here.


I am also an accredited Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band practitioner – I use the metaphor of the gastric band to to help with body awareness and mindful eating.

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Why do diets not work?

On a diet you restrict certain foods and constantly think about eating. The body does not know that you are on a diet, it thinks you are going through a famine. Dieters try to ignore their bodies signals and consciously override them which requires an enormous amount of energy and will eventually lead to feelings of missing out and frustration.

Dieter's Cycle - Hypnotherapy

Your body will naturally fight against this. Eventually you will start eating more than your diet allowed you or certain foods that were forbidden – after that most people experience shame and guilt and a sense of failure. At the same time the body has learned to extract more energy out of the lesser amounts of food which will eventually lead to the yo-yo effect of dieting.