Stress Relief with Hypnosis and Mindfulness techniques

So many of us are busy all of the time! We are almost in a constant state of activity and stimulated 24/7. We need to learn to let go - which is easier said than done for many of us. What we need to learn is to create a state where we can quieten the thoughts and create a healthier and calmer life.

I am teaching mindfulness techniques and self-hypnosis for stress relief. Just being in hypnosis provides a break from the hustle and bustle and trains the mind to quieten and learn how to detach yourself from your thoughts.

Only 10 minutes a day

Just a few minutes a day of taking the time out to meditate or just "do nothing" bring long term powerful results. Becoming aware when we are not mindful in our everyday life helps us to break the cycle, stop for a moment and re-think what we're doing. You might learn to ask yourself questions like: "Do I really need to take this phone call now?",  "What is more important right now - taking a few minutes for myself or watching this programme on TV?", etc. It is important to put a few commas and full-stops into our busy lives to not burn out, to be a better listener, parent, friend and worker.

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Listen to a 7-minute stress-relief recording: