Read here what my clients are saying about In Tune Hypnotherapy Melbourne....

My Fear of Needles is Gone

"I had a wonderful experience with Nina, she made me feel safe, heard and supported. I went to see Nina for help with a fear of needles, and after a few sessions I was able to get my first blood test in almost a decade. The techniques Nina taught me have made me confident that I will be able to manage my fear in the future. I highly recommend Nina to anyone seeking help with a fear or phobia." 

Gabi M.

Overcame a Bad Habit

"I would highly recommend In Tune Hypnotherapy services to anyone who wants to change. She helped me overcome a bad habit I had been burdened with for quite some time and helped me choose not to succumb to it anymore. Hypnotherapy really does work and you’ll be surprised at how quickly the change is felt."*

Linda S.

No More Fear of Flying

"I was dubious at first, but agreed to try hypnotherapy to help with my fear of flying - AMAZING!!!! I was able to fly to Mexico for my sister's wedding and was really calm all the way. Nina is a lovely person and the therapy has made a huge difference in my life."*

Rebecca S.

Thank you so Much

"I stopped smoking after just one session! Highly recommended!"*

Helen B.

90 Days smoke-free

"Today it's 90 days without a cigarette! I almost can't believe it myself. Every now and then I still feel the urge to smoke but it's less about the nicotine or the taste of a cigarette but more about the social aspect of smoking and holding something in my hands. But that's all - and this is very manageable :)"

Annet L.

"I'm a Convert!"

"Hi lovely Nina,

Wow, I'm a convert. No nerves at all. I had fun and I just want to say thank you. Can almost not believe it, that we have the power to change our thoughts. You are really amazing at what you do.

Am not sure if I need to come back as I really felt I got what I need.

A big thank you."

Kelly H. - For a Fear of Public Speaking

No More Fear of Public Speaking

"I came to Nina with anxiety and fear of public speaking and saw results straight after the first session. I had never been to a Hypnotherapist before but now I can see how beneficial it can be. Nina's approach is calming, kind and intellectual. I could not recommend her enough!"

Louise M.

Such a Difference

" A lovely, calming therapy room above a chilled out and pretty tea shop. It makes you feel very relaxed. Nina is a brilliant therapist and her lovely calming voice made me feel totally at ease. This was my first time trying hypnotherapy to address my ongoing sleep problems and I have already seen a hugely positive impact on my sleep patterns. It has made such a difference!"*

Sam H.

Learned new Strategies

"I found Nina to be very comfortable and warm to work with. The strategies she taught me have really made a difference in the difficulties I was having in my everyday life."*

Kat A.

Feel like a brand new Person

"Nina has given me such a wonderful gift! I now have the tools I need to live my life the way I want to live it. I loved her gentle and warm nature and really felt I was being listened to. The hypnosis was absolutely wonderful and my mind is clearer as my focus and concentration gets stronger every day. I feel like a brand new person and I have Nina to thank for this."*

Lisa D.

Conquered My Biggest Fear

"I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me conquer my biggest fear of getting a blood test.

Today was a massive step for me and I couldn't have done it without you. I appreciate everything you have done for me and cannot wait for future fear free."

Deanne P.

*Results may vary from person to person.