How to find the Best Hypnotherapist in Melbourne

Check their qualifications

Are you thinking about hypnotherapy but don’t know how to choose the best hypnotherapist in Melbourne? I would like to share some ideas on how to go about finding the best fit for you. The first thing to check in my opinion are the qualifications. As hypnotherapy is an unregulated profession make sure that the hypnotherapist you choose is member of a Professional Hypnotherapy Association (either the AACHP or AHA in Australia). This ensures that the therapist is qualified and has had proper professional training, has insurence and receives regular supervision by a qualified and trained supervisor. Private health funds that provide rebates for hypnosis only accept hypnotherapists who are a member of one of the Professional Associations.

See what do other people say about them

Make sure you do a little bit of research online before choosing which hypnotherapist to go to. You can check websites and look at testimonials or reviews on Facebook or google. You can also contact the hypnotherapist directly and ask for testimonials if they are not provided on their website. Ask around – maybe a friend’s had a good experience with a hypnotherapist.

What impression do you get: does it “feel“ right?

One of the most important factors of successful therapy is how you “feel“ about the therapist – as feelings and emotions are the very thing that you will work with. So it is good advice to listen to your gut-feeling when choosing the right therapist for you which includes being comfortable in their practice space. Have a look on the website and see if there are photos of the practice room. Do you prefer a more clinical setting or would you be more comfortable in a more relaxed space? It is crucial for a successful outcome to have a trusting and comfortable relationship with your therapist which includes the therapist’s approach, space and overall impression you get by checking their website, having a talk on the phone or via e-mail.

How can you get there? Do they provide sessions after hours or on the weekend?

You might prefer to choose someone who is local or near your workplace. You also need to decide if you will get there by car and if you do if there is parking nearby or if you want to get there by public transport or bike. As you know the traffic in Melbourne can be bad especially during rush hour so make sure that you take into consideration the extra time that might be needed at certain times of the day. Many of my clients who work full-time prefer to see me on the weekend and that is why I offer Sunday morning sessions. Another option I offer is after 7pm on Wednesday or Friday night if you prefer that.

Do they take time to answer your questions?

What do you want to get out of therapy? What can the hypnotherapist offer? What are your expectations? Take a few moments and write these down and ask all the questions that you might have when you get in touch with the therapist. Do you feel heard and did the therapist take time to answer all of your questions? This is the beginning of an important therapeutic relationship and you need to feel good about it. I personally believe in an individualized approach in hypnotherapy and counselling and would make sure that I’d get the impression from my therapist that he sees me as an individual, respects my choices and decisions and is there to support me through change.

How much do they charge?

Are the fees clearly stated on the website? Money is always an important factor when making a decision so make sure you find out how much the therapist charges. I personally offer cheaper sessions to concession card holders. It is also good to check if you got private health insurance if they cover hypnotherapy. You can check out how much I charge here.

Trust your instinct!

If you have narrowed down your choices to a few hypnotherapist I would advise you to trust your instinct. Be open with your therapist if you do not have a good feeling after the first session. Remember, this is about you and the therapist wants to help you as best as she can. This might occasionally include to refer you to another more suitable therapist or doctor.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about how how hypnotherapy can help you please click here, send me an e-mail ( or give me a call on 0423090885.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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