What is meditation – and what it is not!

A lot of people have some sort of preconceived idea of meditation and think it might be not for them. Let’s look at what meditation is and what it is not. Meditation can be practiced almost anywhere, anytime. You don’t have to pay a lot of money for a course or class or a weekend retreat to learn it either.

Meditation is about enhancing our ability to focus.

Fact vs Fiction

Fiction: You will have to stop thinking and clear your mind. 

Fact: To clear your mind completely and stop thinking is impossible. Meditation’s aim is not to clear your mind but to notice your thoughts non-judgementally and learn to redirect your focus to a focal point like your breath.

Fiction: You need to sit still for hours

Fact: This is unrealistic, isn’t it? It’s more beneficial to meditate for 5 or 10 minutes every day than not at all. Just sit somewhere and focus on your breathing.

Fiction: You need training to do it properly.

Fact: Basic meditation is not hard. You can do it as you walk to the bus or tram stop, or when you’re in the shower. Find something to focus on like your breathing or your footsteps. Your thoughts will wander, but just bring your attention back to what you were focusing on.

Fiction: It is just too hard!

Fact: No, it’s not that hard at all. The only difficult part is getting started…

Fiction: It takes too long! I don’t have time for it.

Fact: Really? Think about the time you spend checking your phone. Or updating Facebook or Instagram…There is always some minutes to spare – if you want to make your health and wellbeing a priority take 5 or 10 out of your day to really improve your overall wellbeing.

Fit meditation into your lifestyle and not the other way around!

Just close your eyes for a minute, focus on your breath and relax the muscles of your face.

That’s it!

Posted on February 2, 2017 and filed under Hypnotherapy Melbourne.