Open Mind Meditation

I have not shared much on my blog lately as I have been busy with work and life and all the other things that take up our time. When I opened my email inbox this morning though I felt inspired to share what I came across in one of the newsletters that I have subscribed to.

I have been practicing mediation for a few years now and I have times when I meditate very regularly and other times where I forget about it or tell myself that I don't have the time to meditate. Sometimes I meditate with the help of an app like smiling mind or headspace and other times I just "sit". Sitting has become my favourite way of meditation quite naturally though and I was pleased to read this morning that what came to me quite naturally has a name and is also rooted in Buddhist tradition. This form of meditation is called Open Mind Meditation.

Steven Handel of The Emotion Machine writes about open mind mediation the following:

"Most meditations are focused on a particular “object” of meditation. For example, focusing on your breathing (“Breathing Meditation”), or walking (“Walking Meditation”), or a particular mantra (such as in a “Loving-Kindness Meditation”). However, the “Open Mind Meditation” is different because it is an objectless meditation. There is no particular “object” to focus on.

In this way, there is no telling where your awareness may bring you, and every “open mind meditation” is going to be different. At times, your mind will shift to the sensations in your body, perhaps an itch on your nose, a pain in your lower back, or the growling of an empty stomach. Other times, your mind may shift inwards and reflect on passing thoughts, such as “What am I going to eat for dinner?” or “I need to put out the garbage tonight.” Or, perhaps your awareness will shift toward a sound in the room, a smell, or a gust of wind against your skin."

Giving yourself permission to feel the full range of human emotions, learning to practice equanimity - acceptance of the present moment - and learning that everything flows and changes and eventually also fades away is a very useful skill. 

We do not have to judge if anything is good or bad - it just is!

Give this a try and see how your relationship with life changes!

Posted on April 10, 2018 and filed under Hypnotherapy Melbourne.