The Essence of Wellbeing

Sometimes it is important to have a look at our (busy) everyday experience and see the bigger picture and make sure that we are doing the right things to ensure that we live a meaningful, fulfilled and well balanced life.

I would like to share with you today a useful wellbeing checklist. Take a few moments and decide in which of the areas you are already doing well and in which ones you could improve.

ESSENCE – a useful wellbeing checklist

  • Environment

All living things need to interact with their environment to stay alive, as humans we strive for more than just mere survival we also feel the need to grow and flourish. Poor environments inhibit growth. We need stimulating challenges, remember that we need to interact with our environment not just to be there. Simple things like going to a library to study instead of being home in your bedroom can improve your mood already considerably and might help you to focus on the task at hand.

  • Stress

To be constantly stressed, in a state of high emotional alert, will take its toll on our body and minds. Emotions are meant to prepare us for action, if we do not discharge the emotion (act on it) it will affect our sleep and overall mental and physical wellbeing. Stress in our modern lives very often does not get discharged, we are not running away from that tiger or fighting it. So we need to find ways of returning our bodies to their normal state. Emotion management is the key here, recognising the factors that lead to these emotions in the first place, eliminating or changing them.

  • Spirituality

By spirituality we mean the recognition that we are part of something bigger. Spirituality can be considered the opposite of stress – an introspect serenity that we are not the centre of the universe.

To connect with this part of human existence we can use meditation, prayer or a quiet walk through nature.

  • Exercise

We are designed for movement. If we do not use our bodies enough, it has all sorts of negative effects on our system. Toxic waste does not get discharged and we will start to feel tired in body and mind. Even a short walk can be a © Human Givens Australia: The ESSENCE of wellbeing 2

  • Nutrition

Nutrition is important as it is the fuel for our bodies. If we eat poorly we will function poorly. Highly processed food is usually the worst kind of food for us. The body has to either assimilate what we eat or eliminate it.

  • Connectedness

We are social creatures and our wellness is directly linked to our social connectedness. We are at our most balanced and happiest when we focus outwards.

  • Education

The brain is a problem-solving organ and dealing with new and unfamiliar things promotes the biggest nerve cell growth. In terms of well-being challenges are important, we are designed to learn new things and make sense of our surroundings.

(Adapted from: The ESSENCE of Health, Dr Craig Hassed, Random House, 2008) 

Posted on August 7, 2017 and filed under Hypnotherapy Melbourne.