Are you ready to quit for good?

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Hypnotherapy can help you quit smoking with ease!


Hypnotherapy Melbourne Quit Smoking

Why choose hypnosis to quit smoking?

Almost all smokers are aware of the health risks associated with smoking but what most people don't realize is that smoking is also a learned habit. And habits can be changed by creating new neural pathways in the brain on a subconscious level. Hypnosis also works through experiential learning, the brain and the mind experience the desired outcome in hypnosis and learn to react to stimuli differently.  Hypnosis can help you to manage your nicotine cravings and you will learn new ways of dealing with urges. 

My approach is client-centred and individualized and I recognise that the way to becoming a non-smoker is different for everybody. That is why I use a variety of different techniques and approaches to help you overcome this habit.


Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Melbourne

What to expect from a session?

The first quit smoking session lasts 90 minutes. After discussing your personal triggers around the habit, practicing visualisations and breathing techniques I will guide you through a hypnotic experience. 

I will also give you a personal recording to take home to listen to for the first 2 weeks to reinforce the learnings and you will have your personal toolbox to help you conquer more difficult and challenging situations in the first few weeks after quitting.

In the second session - usually the week after - we will make sure that you will stay a happy and healthy smoker long-term.

Not sure if you want to invest $350 to quit smoking and become healthy?

Check out here how much you are currently spending on this unhealthy habit:







1 x 90 min session
1 x 60 min session
Free hypnotherapy recording
Personalised "toolbox" to overcome cravings
Phone and e-mail support

Most people leave as non-smokers after the first session.